Sunday Supplemental Workshops!

All IN-STUDIO workshops include easels, chairs, subject matter and demos.
Drawing workshops will include supplies! All day workshop. 6-8 hours with a 1 hour break.
Call to confirm availability (310) 869-4209
Each Workshop is $275 per person 
Fun drinks and gourmet snacks provided

Introduction to Figure Drawing | in-studio 

Sunday | TBD | 1-7pm
For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Students
Artist Daniel Raminfard will focus on how to start and finish a figure drawing.

Learning to draw the figure and understanding the intricacies of the human anatomy is a fundamental skill to becoming a master!

We cover a simplified approach, deconstructing the figure into sections of geometric shapes to help us understand this very complex, and beautiful, form. Have no fear!



Introduction to Outdoor “Plein Air” Painting!

Sunday | TBD | 1-7pm
For Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Students
Artist Daniel Raminfard will walk you through the fundamentals!
Learning to design and build strong composition is essential in getting your painting to “read” well.
We will cover good design, shapes, values and colors to create a beautiful landscape.

Fundamentals of Portrait Painting & Drawing!

Sunday | TBD | 1-7pm

For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Students
Artist Daniel Raminfard will show you how to create a likeness using various medium.
Learn to look and “see”, to become observant of shapes and values to be able to render them realistically. 

Paint Like Van Gogh!


Sunday | TBD | 1-7pm

For Beginners, & Intermediate & Advanced Students.

Artist Daniel Raminfard will teach how to mimic the likeness using various techniques inspired by Van Gogh.

Benefit from creating master studies and understanding the inner workings of a masterpiece.

Additionally, you can expect to take home a painting that will absolutely blow away your friends and family (maybe even your dog!)

Fine Art Classes