Daniel Raminfard | Founder & Teacher

 Known for his mastery of light, shape, and color, Daniel is an award-winning oil painter with works collected around the world. Originally influenced by his Persian roots and 19th and 20th-century European art, Daniel began drawing and painting at an early age as a means of dealing with family tragedies.

Daniel established the Raminfard School of Arts in 2000 with the mission of sharing the joy of creating art with as many people as possible. Daniel is currently co-authoring a book on his approach to drawing and painting.

Visit Daniel’s Site: www.danielraminfard.com

Ronit Fraenkel | Co-Founder

  With an MS in Architectural Engineering,  Ronit worked in the building lighting design and distribution industry for 17 years. Previously supporting the art school on the side, Ronit finally joined the team full-time in 2023.

With her experience and attention to detail, Ronit helped design our premium art studio, creating a beautiful, calm, and well-lit space for artists to enjoy.

Ronit was born in Israel and moved to the US as a child. She lives in Agoura Hills with Daniel and their children. Her primary goal is to help market our school as we grow and expand.

Vian Gebraeel | Assistant Teacher

Vian Gebraeel, an Iraqi American artist from Ventura County, creates fantastical imagery exploring womanhood through vibrant colors and abstract figures, predominantly using digital platforms like Procreate and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Raised in Chicago and later California’s Central Valley, she honed her artistic interests, organizing local art shows before earning a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Art History from UCLA, focusing on Middle Eastern art history, and now resides in Ventura County, navigating post-graduate life while infusing creativity into daily survival rituals.

Visit Vian’s Site: https://www.viangebraeel.com

Chandler Dangaard | Assistant Teacher

Chandler experiences fulfillment in teaching while continuing artistic pursuits, specializing in oil paintings and sculptural installations that blend traditional still life with modern technology, aiming to evoke nostalgia and explore space and form through manipulated perspectives and limited color palettes.

He describes his work as “heavily influenced by Dutch Still Lifes, often incorporates screens as secondary canvases, and I’ve also contributed to large-scale murals across Los Angeles.”

Visit Chandler’s Site: https://canvasrebel.com/meet-chandler-dangaard

Jem Morris | Assistant Teacher

Jem Morris is a skilled art educator proficient in drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Her background in Arts Education allows a diverse and personalized learning experience for students of all ages.

She also works as an art instructor at Vita Art Center in Ventura, CA, and now assists, here at the Raminfard School of Arts.

Visit Jem’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jemfarts