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“I have studied under many instructors, but I have enjoyed my largest spurt of growth as a painter under The Raminfard School of Arts. The effectiveness of their exceptional teaching stems not only from a deep understanding of technique but also from his commitment to giving students undivided and personalized attention. ” – Kara C.


“I’ve learned so much from this school, in a very short time. From the initial foundations to advanced artistic expertise, they do it all! Teachers are incredibly perceptive and can teach visual learning with a few strokes of a paintbrush.” – Allyce B.


“As a novice to the world of art, it is imperative that I find the right teachers to nurture and to guide me, especially in my embryonic stage. This school has instilled a level of comfort and confidence I needed to overcome my insecurities as a new student. Not only are all the teachers astute artists, but also outstanding instructors with an ability to aid students to realize their potential or simply to discover the possibilities.” – Amy T.

“I was a beginner and the teachers here have helped and encouraged me to discover the artist within!  They love and have a passion for art.  It shows through their teachings. I appreciate the art school’s teaching style. All the teachers are very perceptive, detail oriented and encourage you to challenge your unique style and abilities. ” – Suzi W.


“I came to class to learn about painting portraits and feel that I’ve come a long way in developing my skills for painting all subjects. This school has helped me to see things from the perspective of an artist and has taught me how to use color and light placement to really bring a painting to life.” – David M.


“The individual attention provided to each student’s specific needs and artistic goals provides both objective and subjective instruction and encouragement. Every minute spent under their careful tutelage is worth hours in the studio. I can’t imagine a better experience learning oils. This is definitely the class for me.” – Mark L.

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For more visit our Google, Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook Pages for updates, pictures, and reviews.