Private Art Lessons

Fine Art Classes Los Angeles

We offer one-on-one painting and drawing classes to adults, teens, and kids ages four and up. Sessions are booked by the hour, and our private students can expect to receive up to four group classes’ worth of instruction in one sitting.

Booking is flexible but limited. Reserve your spot today to ensure an opportunity to work with one of our expert instructors.

Adults: Ages 12 – Senior

Adults In-studio | $ 125 per hour (120 minutes initially recommended for beginners)

Adults In-home | $225 per 90 minute session + $25 travel & set-up fee.

Kids: Ages 4-11 Years Old

Kids In-studio | $ 75 per 45 minutes (60 minutes initially recommended for beginners)

Kids In-home | $125 per 60 minutes session + $25 travel and set-up fee.

 Art-Lovers: Couples Date

An intimate and memorable artistic experience in this 2-hour private with wine and pizza included.

$495 per couple


Do you teach kids?

Yes! Kids ages 4+ love our one-on-one painting and drawing lessons. They are 45 minutes to an hour.

Can you teach more than one person at a time?

Yes! We customize small, private group art classes, including“Art Lovers: Couples Date” and “Art for the Family.”

Do you offer painting classes online?

Yes! Our instructors are available for online mentorship and remote drawing and painting lessons via Skype or Facetime.

We also offer paint parties. Inquire about booking your private fine art lesson with a friend, date, or family member here.

What mediums do you use for private art lessons?

We teach students to work with Pencil, Acrylics, Oil, Charcoal, & Pastels. These are the best mediums to both learn and create in – starting with pencil or charcoal. The foundation of painting is drawing, so that’s the natural beginning of our instruction.

What supplies do I need?

No supplies are needed for the first class.

After that, we provide students with limited drawing materials, but it is strongly recommended you purchase one of our drawing kits so you can practice in between your studio sessions. Buy your drawing kit here.  

Can you help me develop my portfolio to apply to fine art school?

Absolutely, we’d love to.

PLEASE NOTE: Our one-on-one drawing and painting lessons are available on a limited basis. Reserve your spot today by registering online.  Cancellation within 24 hours incurs a 50% surcharge. If you are representing a high-profile client please call Daniel directly at 310-869-4209.


Fine Art Classes