Fine Art Classes – Why Join?



Learning to draw and paint offers a number of benefits.  Sadly, many people believe you need ‘talent’ to join our art classes in West Los Angeles.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

You need a desire to learn, a few hours a week to practice, and a commitment to improve.  That’s it! Anyone can learn to draw and paint!

Personal Meaning

Students discover personal meaning in our art classes in a few ways. One way is picking subject matter that is important to the student.  Another way students find meaning is by learning to develop their own style which helps them identify with their work.

Here at the Raminfard School of Arts, we encourage student to learn the fundaments and then apply what they have learned to subject matter they like and create it in a style they enjoy.


Drawing and painting is extremely meditative. With professional guidance, students receive immediate help if they get stuck or make a mistake.  This minimizes frustration, and makes learning to draw and paint a truly relaxing experience.

Our art classes in Los Angeles are designed with this in mind.  We have created for you a calm and relaxing environment to learn in.  We play soft music and do every thing we can to help our art student feel at ease.

Self Confidence

Many people know how to start a painting but only few know how to finish it.  Knowing that, students work hard to learn how to finish a piece of quality artwork and that makes them feel good about themselves.

Also, since confidence plays a huge role in the quality of work students produce, it is the objective of our instructors to build-up student confidence and then help them improve their artwork.

Creative Thinking

Learning to draw and paint is not about absorbing information; it’s about expressing an opinion. Before ever putting a pencil to paper, students must learn how to develop an idea.  In doing so, budding artists develop their imagination.  They learn to think abstractly giving them a vision of what the end product is supposed to look like.

Eventually students learn to “shut off’ their inner monolog and tap into a visual and perceptual mode of thinking rarely used in day-to-day life.  By learning to think abstractly and creatively students will enjoy a higher degree of intellect and make superior works of art.

Improved Concentration

In our art classes, many students say they learn to let go of stress, worries and concerns by focusing on their artwork.  They become submerged in the fun and challenges of painting.

As we learn to draw and paint proficiently we begin to lose ourselves in our work, and fully commit our minds and hearts to the task at hand.  This kind of mental exercise helps improve our concentration not just in drawing and painting, but in all facets of life.

An Appreciation for Other Forms of Art

Aside from our work as an artists, we have become avid readers, cooks, martial artists, guitarists, philosophers and economists.

Had it not been for the introduction to fine art classes as a kid, I, personally, would have never had the courage to expand my horizons.  Knowing the level of work required to perfect your own skills brings a new understanding to the work involved in other forms of art. This is why we relate other forms of art in our teachings her in our art classes in Los Angeles.



Drawing and painting requires hard work, but is by far one of the most rewarding gifts you can give to yourself or a loved one.

The gift of art is not just for ‘the talented’; it is for those who wish to build their confidence, learn to express themselves, and share the work they create with friends and family.

As Nietzsche once wrote, “Art is the highest task and proper metaphysical activity of this life.” No other activity is more rewarding. Please come see for yourself by enrolling at the Raminfard School of Arts today.

Fine Art Classes